The Ray-Ban eyewear brand was born in 1937 in the United States; originally from the German eyewear manufacturer Bausch & Lomb.

Lieutenant John MacCready asked these opticians who had emigrated to the United States to develop glasses that would allow panoramic protection, and this is how the Aviator glasses and the famous gray-green G15 solar lens were born .

More than 80 years after the first Aviator model was marketed, it is still in vogue and has been revisited by the Italian manufacturer Luxottica, owner of the Ray-Ban brand since 1999.
This brand has for many years been the number one seller of sunglasses and eyeglasses in France and around the world.

Ray-Ban, more than a brand, an identity, a standard

Ray-Ban has become over the years the accessory of the stars. Recognizable frames on the heads of all the celebrities in the world allowed Ray Ban to finally become the standard of glasses, the fashion accessory, the must-have accessible to all. Indeed, Ray-Ban glasses are from 139€ frame and lenses included and everyone can find their pair as the range is large.

RayBan also available in computer glasses

On the Varionet website you can find your favorite models such as the Clubmaster glasses and the Round Metal equipped with Cool Blue anti-blue light lenses .

An accessory that will be very useful to you in front of the screens and will reduce your visual fatigue.

You don't wear glasses for fear of ridicule? Try your favorite model from RayBan, you will be satisfied!