It's no secret that the virtual reality market is an emerging, booming market.

Many companies have understood this and are taking a close interest in it, including the largest international fast food brand: McDonald's!

McDonald's, the world's largest toy retailer

McDonald's plays an important role in the toy market because it is the leading toy distributor in the world!

With the creation of the "Happy Meal" and the children's favorite toys inside (most of which are new superheroes), McDonald's has become the favorite restaurant of children and teenagers around the world.

Mcdo, a young and trendy brand

Today, in Sweden, the hamburger giant is testing a brand new toy intended for the whole family: the “Happy Goggles” or the very competitor of Google's “CardBoard”.

The Happy Goggles is in fact a low cost augmented reality mask, made of cardboard, to be assembled using instructions and the Happy Meal cardboard.

To use it, all you have to do is download an application created by Mcdo “Slope Stars” and you will be immersed in a breathtaking virtual reality!

McDonald's intends to succeed in its bet which is to modernize its image among young and old around the world! An innovative idea that will also make it possible to democratize virtual reality among even the most modest households.

mcdonalds augmented reality