We all know the last two generations, the "X" for the +35 years and the "Y" for the 20/30 years! But do you know the latest generation? The one we are all part of globally but which affects teenagers much more! This is the "C" generation , "C" as connected! Indeed, with the proliferation of different mobile objects and the universal availability of networks, a new connected area surrounds us.

Generation C, a new way of life

Generation C is what is called a “basic trend”. Indeed, it's more than a fad, it's a new way of living and working that affects everyone regardless of their age. Mentalities and practices have changed in the space of 20 years, professional life and personal life are now linked and it will become increasingly difficult to separate these two living spaces.

A dangerous generation for the vision and the body

This new generation highlights the evolution of technologies and trends but has some flaws. Indeed, the "all-connected" and the proliferation of digital objects are dangerous for the body and vision. It is therefore necessary to remember to protect your eyesight when you are exposed to it. For this, Vario net offers two types of lenses that block out harmful artificial blue light .

Cool Blue and Cool Blue +

The “ Cool Blue ” lens is Vario net ’s very first harmful blue light blocking lens . It is a surface treatment that filters out 30% of harmful artificial blue light . Today Vario net offers a brand new lens that filters not 30% but almost 100% of this harmful blue light! An ideal glass for people spending long hours in front of screens ( graphic designer, web developer, secretary, etc. ) but also for children and teenagers .