Varionet Presbyopia lens technology

Varionet opticians have developed a lens that allows people with presbyopia to regain near vision but also clear intermediate vision, unlike magnifying lenses / classic single-focal lenses found in pharmacies.

Indeed we know that from the age of 40 most people see the appearance of a new visual defect : presbyopia , the syndrome of “arms that are too short”. Reading up close is more and more difficult, it is becoming necessary to equip yourself with a pair of reading glasses to be able to regain visual comfort and sharpness of vision.

However, with conventional magnifying glasses it is impossible to have clear vision at more than 50 cm, which is why we offer you a new technology proximity lens that will allow you to find a new visual youth.

You can read, watch TV or work on the computer with just one pair of glasses!

Find visual comfort with low-cost reading glasses

With this glass innovation you will find visual well-being and "being presbyopic" will no longer be a handicap.

You can even equip yourself with trendy pairs of anti-blue light glasses to be sophisticated, classy, ​​classic or fashionable according to your desires and your style.

The frames offered on Varionet are negotiated at the lowest price in order to always offer you frames from quality brands, robust and at unbeatable prices!

To always satisfy you, we are constantly looking for beautiful frames.

To try them is to adopt them, otherwise it is refunded or exchanged!

If you want to test our innovative lens technology, take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee!

With it you can test the technology of Varionet proximity lenses. Your pair of glasses or this new technology of magnifying glasses does not suit you? Don't panic, just return the frame to us and you'll be refunded!

If the design of the reading glasses does not suit you, we will offer you other models! Have no more fear, buying your glasses on the internet has never been easier than today.