The "Customania" madness

At the beginning of the 1980s, two brothers, two Catalan stylists passionate about fashion decided to open their first store specializing in men's shirts: "Custo". Born in Barcelona and inspired by Californian fashion and the many travels of designers, the brand is now known and recognized throughout the 4 corners of the world.

Funky and originality, the key words of the Custo brand

Competed today by a “funky” fashion giant: Desigual (which is also a Spanish brand), Custo Barcelona remains a looter of “original” fashion throughout the world and especially in Spain. Today, 35 years after their debut, the Custo Barcelona brand remains on the front of the stage with creations that are still exceptional!

On the website we offer you a collection of glasses made up of numerous Custo Barcelona men's and women's models. This selection offers fashionable, original, colorful, classic glasses, of various materials and these are ideal for reading glasses for presbyopic people aged 45 and over. However, they can also be equipped with anti-blue light lenses for people with no visual defects or wearing contact lenses.

Custo glasses

Custo glasses are original models, which do not look like other brands. Most are made from acetate , a plastic material that has been used since 1865, they are of high quality and robustness. Acetate is a material obtained from extracts of cotton or tree pulp, it is a natural polymer.

Other models are available in metal, a material that is also of high quality, very light and above all very discreet, it is ideal for young presbyopes who are not used to wearing reading glasses or computer glasses.