Protect children from screens

For the visual health of children, it is important to take into account a few simple rules on the time spent in front of screens. Depending on their age, the child should spend more or less time in front of screens. Here, through this article we will give you some tips.

We are also going to tell you how to protect their sight with an essential accessory, the "Cool Blue +" computer glasses without correction and without prescription.


Screens suitable for all ages

Before the age of 3 , the child builds his landmarks through his experiences and the stories that are told to him. It is necessary to avoid television and DVDs as much as possible. Touch tablets are also not a priority even if there are more and more tablets dedicated to toddlers.

From 3 to 6 years old , you should avoid installing a television or a computer in the child's room, even if he is beginning to discover screens and loves spending time in front of his favorite heroes. Be vigilant and respect the ages indicated on the programs.

From 6 to 9 years old , he is able to understand a few rules so give him instructions and recommendations on the operation and the time spent in front of the console(s) and in front of the screens.

From 9 to 12 years old , you must talk to him about the dangers and the particularity of the Internet! He can use it but it is important that a parent stay with him to explain how to navigate safely.

After 12 years , the child can start surfing alone on the Internet but it is advisable to set schedules and install parental controls. Consider prohibiting nocturnal connections otherwise the child will spend more time chatting and surfing than sleeping.

Protect children's eyes with non-prescription computer glasses

We cannot prevent children from being in contact in front of screens , however we can protect them from the harmful effects of screens on their sight and eyes. Indeed, the VARIONET opticians have developed a brand new lens: Cool Blue +!

This is the MOST POWERFUL harmful artificial blue light protecting glass on the optical market. The "Cool Blue +" lens is fitted to all our glasses for children from 4 years old, our glasses are non-prescription.