Art therapy, the weapon against stress

Are you naturally stressed? Anguished? Or simply in a bad patch? Know that art therapy can help you, it has already worked miracles all over the world! “Zen” coloring is a formidable weapon against stress and anxiety. This ancestral practice which combines care and art is meeting with growing success. In France, art therapy is in full development, certain faculties, notably in Paris, offer special courses in this field.

How to fight stress with coloring?

Coloring is no longer an activity reserved for toddlers! It is today (and more than ever) essential to the well-being of a large number of people. According to some specialists: art frees the mind and generates a great concentration in the realization of a work often valued by the entourage.

This activity is for everyone, there are many coloring applications (mostly free) on phones and tablets (such as "caraboutcha"). For those who prefer to color in a "real" and not virtual way, there are also books in bookstores or on the web.

Reading glasses ideal for coloring

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Thanks to your reading glasses, don't miss your coloring pages and don't feel the urge to take the drawing away from your face to discover your pencil lines!