vision at work

Work supports are no longer the same as 10-15 years ago. Paper documents have been replaced by screens and this has led to a change in our lifestyle and consumption habits . Today , each French household has an average of 6 screens : telephone, computer, television, tablet, e-reader combined. The use of these causes a variation of symptoms on the vision called: computer vision syndrome (CVS: computer vision syndrome), the syndrome related to working on screens.

Eye discomfort is increasingly present in individuals and is becoming a source of discomfort and unproductiveness at work : back pain, headache, stiff neck, depression, loss of concentration, itchy eyes, etc.

To reduce this visual discomfort there are a few tricks, in particular ocular gymnastics as well as optical equipment: computer glasses or "Cool Blue" anti-blue light glasses.


eye gymnastics

The muscles around the eyes can lose their efficiency , especially when working in front of screens. There are visual exercises that can relieve sight, here are 5 effective and quick tips:

- The pencil :

Hold out your index finger or a pencil, facing your face, at eye level, arm outstretched and stare at it. Without ever stopping to fix your index finger or your pencil, exhale and bring it closer to your nose. While inhaling gently pull it away as far as your arm allows, continuing to stare at it. Slowly repeat this back and forth 25 times, in rhythm with your breathing

- palming:

Place your palms over your eyes, cupping them. Your fingers are tight so as not to let the light through. Your eyes are at rest, closed, behind your palms. Let stand for a minute.

- Infinity:

Eyes open, relaxed, head still, you describe the sign of infinity several times with your eyes. All in one fluid motion without stopping.

- White lines:

Take your book and read – not the printed lines – but the blank lines between the text.

- Eye blinking:

Blink for 30 seconds, exaggerating the movement. This activates the lacrimal glands which will produce tears and moisten the eye.


cool blue treatment

The “Cool Blue” treatment offered by Varionet makes it possible to filter the harmful artificial blue light given off by digital screens (about 35%). This makes it possible to fight against back pain, stiff neck, visual dryness... But also against AMD, loss of central vision.

This anti-blue light treatment allows you to regain visual comfort in front of screens while preserving your eyesight.