The artificial blue light released by digital screens is very harmful to vision because it damages the retina and therefore, in the long term, sight.

Prolonged exposure to it significantly increases the risk of AMD, age-related macular degeneration, loss of central vision, irreversible visual disease.

Where does blue light come from?

Blue light has become ubiquitous in this “all-connected” world. This comes from digital screens such as television, telephone, tablet and computer.

Today it is necessary to adapt to one's environment and evolve with it.

If you work long hours in front of a computer, if you watch television in the evening, if you like to read on an e-reader or play games on your smartphone, computer glasses or anti-fatigue glasses are made for you!

Thanks to a new technology: “Cool Blue” glass, our glasses will protect you from harmful artificial blue light (no more headaches, red eyes, stiff neck, migraine, etc.).

AMD effects and prevention of this irreversible disease

AMD is a vision disease that causes a loss of central vision, usually this appears from the age of 50 and more severely from the age of 65.

This visual disease is unfortunately irreversible, it is therefore necessary to protect yourself as soon as possible in order to fight against it.

On you will find a set of "Cool Blue" computer glasses for young emmetropic 18/39 year olds but also for presbyopic over 40 year olds.