20 million people in France are affected by presbyopia (difficulty seeing up close after 45 years), only 100,000 decide to correct it by wearing contact lenses.

Most correct presbyopia with magnifying glasses/classic reading glasses that can be found in pharmacies and parapharmacies at low prices.

These glasses are easy to purchase and allow close reading only.

However, what to do when you want to have an intermediate vision during manual work, for example?

Varionet has found the solution!

Varionet proximity glasses to correct presbyopia, without a prescription

MAVU opticians have developed a decreasing lens which, thanks to a new lens technology, allows you to regain clear vision up close but also at an intermediate distance.

This new technology is very useful during DIY, manual work but also for working in front of a screen (perfect view of the keyboard, the screen and the person in front of you).

To acquire the Varionet new technology degressive glasses, all you need is:

    • To know your correction (+1.00 to +3.50):
      • From 40 to 45 years old: Presbyopic glasses +1.00
      • From 45 to 55 years old: Presbyopic glasses +1.50
      • From 50 to 55 years old: Presbyopic glasses +2.00
      • From 55 to 60 years old: Presbyopic glasses +2.50
      • From 60 to 65 years old: Presbyopic glasses +3.00
      • +65 years old: Presbyopic glasses +3.50
    • Select a pair that suits you as well as its options (clip LED for reading in the dark, cord, glasses cleaner, etc.)
    • Varionet promises you fast delivery and excellent after-sales service (possibility to return the product within 30 days, satisfied or refunded!).
    Good discovery to all!