Varionet to Gaming Gen 5

Last Saturday the Vario net team had the chance to attend Gaming Gen 5 , at the Halle de Gardanne ! This gaming event was divided into three major stages:

  • A tournament of games , the most important of which, that of Counter Strike: Global Offensive ;
  • The Games Festival , with no less than 600 m² of stands dedicated to the geek and gaming universe ;
  • A Digital Professions Forum , a space dedicated to schools and companies in the digital professions .
Counter-Strike tournament, video game festival and forum for digital professions
Three events in one, therefore, in which we had the privilege of participating!


Saturday morning, almost at the opening of the Gaming Gen Edition 5 , the Vario net team went to this event bringing together 37 Counter Strike teams and thousands of visitors, video game and game enthusiasts gender !

When we accessed the area reserved for players , they were in full preparation for the upcoming Tournament . Most of them spent the night there to develop their strategies and improve their skills .

We have noticed that many players adopt what our qualified optician calls a “ turtle position ”: with their backs arched , their eyes close to their screens , the players spend several hours in uncomfortable positions in order to have the best possible vision of their computer screen and their video game , unfortunately to the detriment of their comfort .

If you are an inveterate gamer , or if you simply spend a lot of time in front of your computer , we advise you to adopt a straighter dorsal posture, your back flat against your seat and your arms parallel to your desk , or playground ! ;-)

You can complete the improvement of your posture by equipping yourself with anti-blue light glasses , these will allow you to experience less fatigue in front of a screen, the effects of the light of your screens being multiple and, for many, harmful , as shown in the table below:

The harmful effects of blue light from connected screens

Luckily for the players, Vario net offered its blue light blocking glasses to the ten winners of the competition. These are glasses that protect against 100% of artificial blue light from digital screens, whether computer screens , smartphones , or touch pads !

In order to facilitate the acquisition of these Cool Blue+ glasses for the youngest , the main victims of connected screens , we have set up a promotional code distributed to all players : with the code GAME20 , you can benefit from a 20% reduction on all the glasses on the site, take advantage of them to protect your eyes from harmful blue light !

Gaming Gen