Today we are going to tell you about 2 of our clients:

  • Anna, an independent webmaster who leads a hectic life between her clients, transport, the various comings and goings... however her work, generates the constant visualization of a screen, she spends on average 7 to 8 hours in front of her PC and takes advantage of his travels to work on his smartphone or tablet.
  • Max is a young employee of a large company, he sets up with others new projects and develops presentations for clients. This leads him to spend many hours in front of his laptop at the office but also at home while staying connected with his phone.

Both complain of different ailments:

At the end of the day, Anna has red and itchy eyes, not to mention a sore neck. Max feels shooting pains in his temples and burning eyes. His symptoms, which were mild at first, grew stronger and came earlier and earlier.

Both are now equipped with blue light blocking glasses , they have several pairs for their different workplaces.

Why blue light blocking glasses?

When you go out you wear sunglasses to protect yourself from UV rays, harmful rays for our eyes and our skin. But do you know that UV rays are not the only ones that are harmful to your eyes?

Blue light, which is part of the visible spectrum of light, is also harmful to your eye health . This blue light is present under your roof, at work, it is strongly emitted by digital devices, LEDs...

On the visible light spectrum, blue light rays have the shortest wavelength but provide the most energy. We are all exposed to the blue light of the sun's rays and also with new technologies to the blue light of computer screens, televisions, tablets all illuminated by LEDs!

In addition, for economic reasons, these sources emit a peak of blue light around 435 nm. The proximity of our eyes to these screens, the cumulative effect of hours of viewing these screens poses a real threat to your eye health . Due to their short wavelength, blue-violet light rays can pass through the cornea to reach the retina. When these rays hit the retina for long periods of time, blue light can damage retinal cells and accelerate eye aging.

The majority of us spend many hours in front of the various screens, this makes our eyes more susceptible to visual fatigue or eye stress . With Cool Blue anti-light glasses , blue light is blocked, your eyes are safe. Varionet's Cool Blue anti-blue light glasses have an anti-reflective anti-blue light treatment that prevents the passage of short wavelengths and UV.

You can find this treatment on anti-blue light reading glasses for presbyopia after 45 years old, on anti-blue light glasses for 18-40 year olds.

Anti-blue light glasses allow you to work in complete serenity for long hours without fatigue and damage to your eyes.